Guangdong Bozhi Ceramics Co., Ltd., located in Chaozhou Guangdong Eastern Region China, is a large enterprise in researching, manufacturing and sales of ceramic sanitary products.We have more than ten years of experience in producing ceramic sanitaryware, now we have 3 ceramic sanitaryware factory and 2 component warehouse for hardware plumbing. The total area of the factory covered more than 30000 square meter,have more than 300+ workers and employees.
Our products are toilets, basins, wall-hung bathroom sets, urinals and hardware plumbing products. BTO is our located famous brand, and have been registered in countries around the world. we continuously improves the production line, product quality and the water efficiency technology. Have one automatic kiln which more than 300㎡ to produce one-piece toilets, Have one shuttle kiln which more than 80㎡  to produce wall hung toilet sets,  and a complete set of automatic production lines and up-to-date technology. It is a big step for improved our production process, the details are made goods more different, the details as below: from the raw material mixing, it have auto-testing,more than 50 lines of  the auto casting molds to promise the output, automatic produce line to assist the inspection for semi-finished, green body repair, green body for first time feed water (clean dirty) , 2nd time inspection for green body in the dust free working area. Glazing with automatic transfer line. Automatic conveyor for transportation the glazed pieces to the kiln. you can find that we have more details steps in process, they help us more to improve the production and quality. We focus on quality control, 100% appearance check, 100% vacuum test, 100% leakage check test and flushing test. Technology is improving and time is changing, but the pursuing of quality and service is unchanging, now our products are favored and supported by home and abroad, and we have more than 5 years of experience in OEM cooperation for international trade export companies, so now we are here, based on our production capacity, stable product quality, and development potential, we hope to serve more customers and brands from all over the world.
We believe that our strict quality standards and integrity management philosophy will be your best choice for cooperation. Welcome to visit us. 

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